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Solutions & tools

  • Attracting distinguished events and occasions and organizing some seminars and meetings
  • Business outsourcing, contractual recruitment, and meeting resource and training requirements
  • Attracting and building a senior and executive leadership team and securing the best human cadres
  • Qualification at government agencies, and major companies
  • Registration in the adoption and qualification platform
  • Design and business file preparation service to identify the establishment's work and its previous works
  • Government Relations and Feedback
  • Contribute to the collection and classification of information and statistics
  • Preparing investment feasibility studies for commercial, industrial and agricultural projects
  • Market research is an attempt to learn more about target customers and their needs
  • Building the identity and the mental image, improving the mental image, building identity and investing in the field of promoting opportunities
  • Business licensing, establishing a legal entity, and obtaining licenses from all government agencies
  • Securing office space, co-working space and private meeting rooms
  • Experience of importing and exporting for your own account through Export platform
  • Collection and disbursement of dues
  • Marketing services and products on behalf of others
  • Developing methods by identifying opportunities and providing many multiple opportunities
  • Recruitment of local talent, work permits and visa processing
  • Providing specialized consulting services in accordance with international standards
  • A link between service providers and trusted authorities
  • Technology, cloud computing, web design and digital services
  • Market study and data analysis services
  • Value-added tax, tax and Zakat services
  • Harmonization service, connecting facilities and service providers to the entities to which projects have been awarded, and providing services for the purpose of solidarity or subcontracting.
  • Supporting establishments to attract competencies through interview services and job tests
  • Accounting operations, human resources, accounting services and bookkeeping

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