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Riadah incubators will be your business partner embodying your ideas and managing your projects through many years of experience in entrepreneurship with the services and full support it provides.
Economic Incubator
  • Legal, economic and administrative consultations
  • Preparing economic and evaluation feasibility studies for all sectors
  • Funding economic opportunities
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Investment Incubator
  • Investing in projects with economic viability in the agricultural, industrial and service sectors
  • Loan services and credit facilities
  • Collective ownership financing services for owners of small and medium enterprises
  • An entrance for project owners and financiers to reach each other by presenting projects and companies looking for funding, as well as presenting appropriate financing opportunities by financiers.
  • Angel investment services
  • Investment rounds
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Marketing Incubator
  • Strategic business planning and organizational excellence
  • Marketing strategies and consultations in the field of public relations and consultancy in the field of marketing and sales
  • Business development and entrepreneurship projects
  • Customer Experience Management and Customer Relationship Management
  • Information technology and digital transformation and building a digital marketing strategy
  • Marketing cities and investment opportunities for district secretariats
  • The field of statistical studies, identification of training needs, and the field of organizational and administrative behavior studies
  • Mystery shopper services
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Events Incubator
  • Activities of launching projects and products inside and outside Saudi Arabia
  • Marketing of events
  • Media Centers Management
  • Attracting international exhibitions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Exhibitions catalogs
  • Supply of equipment and supplies for events
  • Virtual events
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Technical Incubator
  • School, hospital and hotel management programs
  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions for Sales, Service and Marketing.
  • The application of periodic monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking application
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digitization in the field of business
  • Security solutions, network solutions, and cloud computing solutions
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Discovering Leadership Center
  • Selection of leaders
  • Leadership training and qualification
  • Marketing and nurturing leaders
  • Attracting international speakers and leaders
  • Projects, programs, research and specialized studies
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Job Incubator
  • Human capital consulting and solutions
  • Search, recruitment, and interviews
  • CV preparation services and job forums
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