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Public-Private Partnerships

The idea is to build a partnership with government agencies and bodies and the third non-profit sector, represented in:

Creating and manufacturing projects and putting them up for partnerships, and it includes:

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Increasing local content, developing and sustaining partners 01
Building partnerships between the public and private sectors by finding solutions to obstacles 02
Limiting the benefits and offering opportunities in the form of opportunities for the private sector. The partnership aims to 03
Achieving a sustainable economy based on knowledge, competitiveness, expertise and diversity 04

Establishment of corporate centers management between the public and private sectors

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We establish and manage the operation and development of partnership centers in the governmental and private sectors 01
Studying opportunities and strengthening the relationship with the Privatization Program and a partner with government agencies 02
Enabling the government to focus on developing policies and strategies and monitoring service providers 03
Upgrading and benefiting from the administrative and technical competencies and financing capabilities of the private sector 04
Involving the private sector in taking risks in addition to providing capital and expertise 05
Managing projects, negotiating, exchanging experiences, arriving at better standards and expanding available financial resources 06
Encouraging the private sector to participate and innovate 07

Creating partnerships with major countries

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Exchange of experiences and technology between government agencies and foreign countries 01
Increasing local content through manufacturing, exports and direct investment in infrastructure and services 02
Increasing the domestic product and reducing imports. Reducing capital transfers abroad 03
Achieving additional value for the national security of countries by creating partnerships with major countries 04
Attracting and stimulating national, regional and foreign investments 05
Attracting capital and investment funds to build partnerships and conduct studies and consultations 06

Partnership with universities and scientific research centers

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Restructuring education by offering new scientific disciplines that keep pace with these industries 01
Preparing research and studies in a way that contributes to developing partnerships in a professional manner 02
Create tools that are in line with market requirements and objectives 03
Establishing a special research and studies department in government and private agencies and the third non-profit sector 04
Link outputs and studies in line with the increase in national output 05
Technology transformation, transformation of management approaches and access to finance 06
Companies relying on companies' ability to rely on themselves in studies of variables 07
Achieving additional income by relying on scientific research 08
Creating new job opportunities in the labor market, especially in the programs of Vision 2030 09
Creating specializations that promote economic growth in the country and provide new job opportunities 10
Increasing investment opportunities for local savings and capital when employed with a foreign project 11