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Team work and international relations

Riadah incubators team is a startup studio that follows a specific mechanism for launching companies, so they have access to the market faster than the emerging projects in the traditional way.

Riadah incubators startup studio team consists of experts in their fields (design, marketing, programming, etc.) working together. The accession of VIPs is made easier through the reputations of Riadah Incubators Startups Studio and Team Assistance.

The network of Riadah incubators startup studio as a whole is a real advantage to help the startup to grow in addition to its high cost, which poses a constant challenge to find the right technical partner.

Riadah incubators Startup Studio may be part of the solution by providing highly experienced technical competencies in the early months of the company's life and preparing them to start technically until an investment is obtained that enables companies to employ the desired competencies

Workers in the Riadah incubators Startups Studio


Riadah Incubators Startup Studio embraces a number of experts with distinguished expertise and high qualification in various fields. The most important advantages of our experts are that our experts hold distinguished practical degrees, PhDs, Masters.


Our experts have more than twenty years of scientific and practical experience in various journals, companies and international and local reputed institutions.


Most of our experts have worked in local and international universities.


Our experts performed many consultations and studies for many establishments and supervised their implementation. Our experts participated in developing many local and international regulations.

International Center relations

Riadah Incubators Startup Studio, has cooperative relations with a number of leading international expert houses with distinctive experiences to cooperate in implementing labor consultations, drafting and preparing regulations and work contracts of a regional and international character. Our experts have distinguished links with international expertise houses through their work with us or their cooperation in the field of consulting Legal and administrative with these bodies.

Our Partners