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Our methodology

Planning and exploration

At this stage, the project is discovered, then the idea and feasibility are conceptualized, its dimensions and viability in the market and the target segment are studied and its perception of it in the near and distant future. At this stage, the business is studied and understood and its current and future goals and business model are written.

Project design

Understanding the project, identifying the required aspects, skills and needs, working a methodology and benefiting from global experiences, then designing the project, providing solutions and tools for success, and developing a plan to transform the project from an idea to an emerging project, and then build the identity.

Foundation and team building

Human capital is the main driver for Riadah incubators, startups studio, where our team of independent consultants or partners receive special attention and a group We work as a team and distribute tasks and roles in the field of technology, marketing, consulting, relationships and human capital formation to assist in launching and monitoring performance.

Design and testing

At this stage, the project is studied and the implementation of the plan and strategies for the development of the start-up company, the design and creation of the primary product or service, the testing of the product or service, the customers and the market, the results achieved, performance indicators, feedback, research and data to improve and develop the company, its products and services

Launch and grow

The project is launched at this stage and the start of marketing and the spread of knowledge about the project and the rapid acquisition of customers to achieve the desired goals in the first year and this is the stage of growth and expansion and the transition to higher levels and increase the customer base, sales and offers as the stage of the project's transformation from a start-up company to an establishment and is considered as a company that has its value and weight Emphasis is placed on increasing customer retention and loyalty rates, customer acquisition and sales, and then searching for angelic investors, streaming investing, crowdfunding, getting investment and starting work on the ground.

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