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Foreign investment services

Attracting specialized and value-added companies 01
Investment and attract foreign investment 02
New in the prosperity of the industry and its sustainability again 03
A magazine on attracting foreign companies or embracing the products of foreign companies 04
A journal in support of international trade exchange in the Kingdom 05
Management of investment offices for investment 06
Investment relations in foreign relations 07
Encouraging the Common State 08
Providing services before and during investment 09
Provides your opportunity to be the best, best practice and understanding of IPAs 10
Creating new horizons for the investor and entrepreneurs and expanding their businesses 11
Supporting the development of international trade exchange in the Kingdom and contributing to the prosperity and sustainability of the industry 12

The work of the Riadah incubators is based on

Before investing

Matchmaking between foreign investors and their local counterparts 01
Specific mediation services in arranging and realizing events 02
Connecting investors with interested investors and finding partners 03
Finding investors, whether it is an angel investment, a collective investment, or a government partner 04
Facilitate access to data sources, evidence and economic reports 05
Strengthening information collection systems and promoting effective use of information 06
Providing logistical support in organizing meetings, gatherings, conferences and seminars 07
Providing unique services through our extensive network of associate companies 08
Organizing meetings and trips of business delegations to develop economic relations 09
Providing logistical support by providing luxury transportation, accommodation and hospitality services 10
Providing trained translators, drivers and coordinators 11
Market study and market research studies 12
Holding meetings with businessmen in order to inform them of the available opportunities 13

During investing

Issuing the necessary permits and licenses from the Foreign Investment Authority on behalf of the investor 01
Issuance of permits from the Ministry of Commerce and other official bodies 02
Providing full services to the foreign investor 03
Providing small offices for them as well, creating identity and operational plan 04
Assistance in choosing the accommodation of workers 05
Assistance in choosing the company's headquarters and business spaces 06
Assistance in choosing the location of the factory for the industrial sectors Employment assistance 07
Assist in hiring managers 08
Assist in carrying out customs requirements 09