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Characteristics and advantages of Riadah incubators startups studio

Creative thinking and exchanging services with partners by providing some services that intersect in nature with the services of Riadah incubators, creating and embracing new ideas and developing them into final products

Creating quality projects by transferring global experiences, as we build start-up companies that are often copies of global models for successful startups

Providing basic infrastructure and resources, including a variety of innovative business models, emerging technologies, licensing, strategy and policy development, identity building, appropriate marketing and financing.

A distinguished work environment based on the idea of the cooperative economy and based on a group of experts and specialized partners, which provides better chances for the success of the project

Addressing challenges due to the high cost and weakness of advisory, technical and marketing competencies and limited funding compared to the size of the economy

Empowerment and independence, which results in a ready-made startup and becomes independent to obtain an investment and start, in addition to the emptying of the work team of Riadah Incubators startups studio

Activities and Sectors that we serve

Agriculture Sector
Industrial Sector
Mining and petrochemical sector
Construction sector
Services sector
Tourism sector
Financial sector
Telecom sector
Transport sector

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