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Corporate Factory

Establishing projects

We create ideas and turn them into reality and provide a variety of services by establishing projects mixed with the flavor of bold investment in a more efficient and professional way and building partnerships with government sectors, the private sector and the third sector as follows:

Manage innovation partnerships services to increase local content 01
Finding innovative solutions to existing problems in the market and introducing a new product 02
Transforming an idea and building a project into reality 03
Provides support and advisory services to companies to provide solutions to their business needs 04
Providing innovative and realistic solutions to economic challenges 05
Introducing new products and companies based on knowledge 06
Directing investments towards projects that bring added value to partners 07
Manufacturing, supporting, operating and marketing companies 08

Dealing with troubled companies

The use of some specialized external sources 01
Being able to acquire troubled companies or mergers 02
Get a real, financially and professionally viable investor 03
Work to organize the relationship between the concerned parties to achieve mutual benefit 04
Restructuring and remediation of existing companies 05
Improving the reputation and conveying a clear picture of the available opportunities and strengths 06
Business development and creation of opportunities of economic value in line with the objectives of the establishments 07
Evaluate the assets and liabilities of the concerned company 08
Enabling projects to achieve their planned goals and raise the level of their services 09
Supporting troubled companies by providing many services 10
Extending a helping hand to the faltering project and opening the way for it to obtain financing 11
We provide effective marketing and operational partnership services and all administrative and financial matters 12