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Riadah Incubators is the corporate factory. We create ideas and turn them into reality and provide a variety of services by establishing projects mixed with the flavor of bold investment in a more efficient and professional way to solve a problem or provide a distinctive product to be the first building block of the project in addition to
- Handling troubled companies
- Foreign Investment Services
- Investment promotion
- The services of research, development and innovation centers, represented in the management of innovation and entrepreneurship centers

Our vision

To be a part of the change by converting creative and fruitful ideas into reality

Our Message

Building, developing and supporting projects that enable entrepreneurs to achieve their goals locally and around the world

Our goals

  • Consolidating sustainability and the idea of establishing non-traditional emerging projects
  • Increasing local content by adopting new ideas and projects and participating in development
  • Creating a business environment to serve investors, access new markets, and improve the quality of life
  • Developing resources, expanding investments, and providing more value-added services
  • Contributing to the transfer of international experiences and contributing to the establishment of emerging companies
  • Preparing studies, introducing investment opportunities, and overcoming obstacles to their launch
  • Contributing to supporting projects by building partnerships with the public and private sectors and financing bodies

Our mission


To build, grow and fund companies and support projects using innovative business models and technologies.


materialize your ideas faster than you can imagine.


build and grow companies from scratch, by combining bold and influential ideas by exploring market opportunities and customer needs, and between veteran founders, operational support and investment capital by engaging co-investors.

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